Interesting Perspective on the Psychology of Client Management

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 In the 1950s, the Betty Crocker brand (General Mills) launched a line of cake mixes. They believed it was revolutionary because they converted all of the ingredients to dry, powdered form which when added with water resulted in perfect cake/brownies.  

However, when they launched the product was a complete failure. The company could not understand it.  Then, General Mills brought in a bunch of behavioral psychologists to understand why this was happening.  They learned that Customers believed they didn’t do enough to earn the perfect cake/brownie. 

General Mills did the unthinkable then – they pulled out the milk and eggs out of the powder, so that customers had to physically mix those items in.  The product became a raging success.  

Sometimes you just need to give the customer a little to do so that they feel fulfilled and involved in the process. 


Written by Sid Shah

February 27, 2016 at 1:05 pm

Posted in Business

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