My Favorite iPad 2 Apps

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I am still a novice when it comes to the iPad 2, but I have been trying to find the apps that improve my productivity, efficiency, and also ease my burden when I travel for meetings and give pitches.

Here are the apps which I use all the time:
1. Flipboard – this is a great app for anything social — twitter, Facebook, and other types of news feeds. Its graphics and magazine style UI, give consuming information a whole other type of experience. Going to a normal Facebook or twitter UI after seems like going back to the 80’s.

2. Note Taker HD – I use to be and still kind of am a person who has always kept his ‘to do’ lists in a notepad. I wanted to change that, so I was looking for something which allowed me to write down notes with a stylus, and so far I have been extremely happy with this application, as it has replaced my physical notepad. It also allows me to keep and store old notes or thoughts. You can also open a PDF and write notes on them, save as a PDF then email it to whom it may concerns.

3. Evernote – I have always been a big fan of evernote, it essentially organizes my brain, and can synch between the web, iPad, blackberry, and computer. I use this to capture thoughts or pictures, anything from recipes, to how I want my future house to look, to ideas I have for my current and future clients. It will change your life, I guarantee it.

4. Dropbox – this is a must if you have the iPad since you can’t plug in a USB. You can keep files you want on your iPad via this application, and keep them on your iPad if you are in an area that doesn’t have wireless or 3G.

5. Netflix – just because you never know when you have a few hours to kill.

6. Kindle – I am a huge fan of the kindle, and typically read from my Kindle when I am at home, but when I travel I read via my Kindle app on the iPad. There definitely is a difference between the technology, as it is difficult to read outdoors, and your eyes may get tired with extended reading, but it serves the purpose.

7. Salesforce Chatter – a must for anybody who uses Salesforce in their organization.

I have a few other apps, but these are the ones that I use all of the time. I haven’t gotten into any of the games, or other types of fun apps, but trying to resist but I feel that is going to change very soon. If you have any must have apps, please let me know.

Written by Sid Shah

April 16, 2011 at 1:03 am

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