My travel essentials

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I have traveled about 80% of my professional career, never really working where I live. Whether that is weekly or bi-weekly flights, or longer international trips, I have learned through experience what is absolutely needed for a successful business trip.

1) Tumi Garmet Bag – I have been through so many carry on bags, semi-garment bags, larger bags – and none of them have ever been able to correctly support my travel lifestyle, infact, most of them have been broken within a few months because of the rigor I put the bags through. Not true for this piece of modern baggage. Not only, can it comfortable carry 2 pairs of shoes, numerous belts, tie case, 5-6 suits, and 5-6 shirts — it is also a bag that can be carried on. It also comes in a roll-on version. Trust me when I say this will be the best baggage decision you make, especially if you roll with multiple suits, shirts, jackets on a business trip.

2) Bose Noise Canceling Headphones – Whether you like listening to music or watch movies, nothing works better than these noise canceling headphones, you are actually at peace during the whole flight because you don’t hear the constant roar of the engines or the wind. It even comes with multiple jacks so that it can fit any plane headphone input situation. I did initially think it was a pain to carry such big headphones because I like to travel light and simple, but the benefits of carrying this in my carry-on laptop bag outweigh any of the cons.

3) Shoe Trees – this is an absolute must if you travel and want to take care of your dress shoes. I prefer the plastic ones (as opposed to the cedar ones) because they are light weight. You will add years on to your shoes if you pop these in there.

4) Amazon Kindle – I love to read and read multiple books when on the road, so this is perfect because it is so light and easy to carry and download. I have opted for this because I want to read, and only read, I don’t want the distractions of different games and apps that are in your face with the iPad.

5) Ponds face wipes – because cleanliness is next to Godliness, especially in high humidity places. You can keep these in your laptop bag and do a quick wipe multiple times a day. This is huge if you want to look and feel fresh while out on the road all day.

Well, these are the travel essentials that have changed my traveling experience. Trust me, they will change yours to.

Written by Sid Shah

January 9, 2011 at 1:30 pm

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