Is there any BBM etiquette?

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By BBM, I am referring to Blackberry Messenger, the one application that is essentially driving the survival of Blackberry and the focus of their ad campaigns, if you haven’t noticed. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy with it, and Blackberry.

I haven’t found etiquette to be much of a question in the US. People add friends, and its relatively all good. But abroad, BBM has become the communication method of choice, more than phone, text, or email.

I was en route to Dubai sitting next to a young guy from Venezuela. He and his buddy were excited about the nightlife there, so I gave him a few options to check out. When he saw that I had BBM, he said right away, let me scan your barcode so that we could message each other. That freaked me out, but I gave it to him, and then when I got off the flight I deleted him. Same thing happened in Mumbai – I was speaking to a large group of businessmen, after the speech a few asked for my card. When a couple of the gentlemen asked to have follow-up meetings, I told them to email me, but then they saw that I had a Blackberry and asked for my barcode saying that nobody emails anymore, everything is on BBM. I have a few more stories like that, but I verified that in most countries outside of the US this is becoming the norm.

I am comfortable with a small group of friends to have my BBM, who know when I read their messages and when I don’t…but I am not comfortable with complete strangers having that kind of access to me. That said, I do have my lawyer and accountant on BBM, but won’t have any clients on there. So, please don’t take it personal if I don’t add you on BBM.

Written by Sid Shah

October 14, 2010 at 8:17 am

Posted in People

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