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One of my great friends Forrest Mertens from Kellogg Business School told me about the interview process he went through before he was offered the job as COO of Sun One Solutions, they called it the Inbox Interview. BTW, check out Sun One, super innovating and ground breaking business focused on carbon credits.

The Inbox Interview is a unique interview process that a lot of smaller companies are engaging in when hiring their top talent / management team. Essentially, once a potential candidate passes the sniff test (personality, leadership, experience, etc.), you give this person a pseudo real project that they would do as their job if they were a part of your company. The project or assignment can be anything from developing a client ready presentation to actually speaking with and negotiating potential vendors or suppliers (depending on the business) to see results. This process not only gives you a real life simulation of how good and resourceful this person is, but also their dedication and interest in joining your company. I employ different types of interviews depending on the level of the person I am bringing in, and you really weed out a lot of riff-raff and learn a lot about the person in the process. A lot of potential applicants can talk the talk, but this process really proves who is willing to walk the walk.

Written by Sid Shah

September 22, 2010 at 9:30 am

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