From @SethGodin – Exploration and the risk of failure

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I liked the concise way Seth Godin categorizes the two groups of people without alienating either group. This is a cut and paste from his blog.

Exploration and the risk of failure

People seem to be in one of two categories:

Those who seek stability, affiliation, work worth doing and the assurance it (whatever it is) will be okay.
Those who explore, need to know that failure is an option and quest to make a dent in the universe.
You can be in either category, the world needs and rewards both. But pick a brand and a job and a posture that matches your category, or you’ll fail, and be miserable until you do.

Hint: there is no category of: “does risky exploration, never fails.”

Written by Sid Shah

August 12, 2010 at 10:39 pm

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